Welcome to S-Vault.

From this moment on you don't have to remember any password anymore. Your finger will give you access to all your favorite web services and more!

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What is S-Vault

With S-Vault you transform the keyboard on your device into a password vault which can only be accessed with your fingerprint!

Use your finger

Use your fingerprint to authenticate you on websites or any other service available on your device.

Integrated in IME

S-Vault is integrated in your keyboard. You can launch S-Vault from your keyboard to scan your fingerprint!

Send to your browser

By pairing with your desktop browser you can use your fingerprint to fill in a password there too!

S-Vault is safe. Very.

By using a strong AES encryption your passwords are safely stored only on your device.
Whenever you need to send a password to your browser, a virtually uncrackable asymmetric RSA encryption with signature verification is used.

To keep it simple: it's what your bank uses.


We're using industry standard AES and RSA encryption mechanisms to keep your passwords safe. Not even Einstein can crack them!

Hacker proof

You can now use long randomized passwords, a different one for each service. You don't have to remember any of them, you only need your finger!

Your vault is secure

Your vault is safely stored on your device and cannot be opened by anyone but you. Not even if a hacker steals it from your device.

When you need to enter a password

Open the vault, scan your fingerprint and the correct password will be automatically entered!

Ready for something really fancy?

Focus a password field in your desktop browser, scan your fingerprint on your phone and the password you need will be entered on your desktop automatically!

Very fast and completely safe!

To get things going...

Download and install the app from the Samsung App Store or download it here. The browser functionality is only available in the Chrome Web Store.